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10 Benefit of Private English Tuition

Amongst the lessons that students have to learn in school, the English language often comes as the villain in pulling down the average scores. On other hand, the English language is essential since it's a catalyst for any education level. For that reason, parents often look for private english tuition to help their kids study.

Yes, English is not coming at first as the first language. But there are about 1.35 billion English speakers from around the world. Around 17% of people on this earth can communicate in English and make this language the international language.

But despite its huge number of users, not all of them understand the whole concept of the English language. Since many speak the language, they stop when their communication skill is acceptable enough. But there’s no wish to polish their language skill, since they speak English, for instance.

Let’s take a look, in the UK - when the language was invented, about 35.6% of students failed in math and English for their GCSEs. Thus, we can take as proof that even the original native speaker of English might have a hard time understanding the concept of English lessons.

Not to mention, every educational institute requires English skills at certain levels. From elementary until getting your doctoral degree.

The Trend of Private Tuition for English Learning

Taking a look at the case above, we understand why parents are more eager to enroll their kids in private English Tuition. This is due to parents' wish that their kids will get into the best school that they choose without worrying over their grades in English.

Especially with parents and kids that put education as the priority. They wish for A straight result in the report. Thus, not only kids with bad English grades go through with the private tuition for English but also kids with good grades too.

Moreover, with this COV-19 situation has not been down yet. It’s more reason to give kids private tuition and clearly learn something, rather than just waiting for the school’s online class. Because we all know how effective it would be for kids to sit for hours with gadgets, but not to play games with them.

We can say that English is the basic language skill that can guarantee the kids’ future. Because as the percentage of English speakers grows, there will be more demand to do most communication in English. Even learning math would need English!

Furthermore, if your kids aim for higher education, then they have to submit their English skill certificate. The higher the education, the required English standard will also get higher.

Alright, you can argue and say that your kids refuse to continuously have to study. Then, you have to consider that eventually, they have to adapt to society, get jobs, and many more. All of those require a strong command of English for communication.

Benefits of Private English Tuition

Yes, at some point, getting private tuition for English is more prestigious than needed. Yet it still has benefits for your kids. Therefore, it’s good if you still have to put your kids through private English tuition. Because these are what your kids will get through the program:

1. Personalized Lesson

You must understand that getting a private lesson means personalized study. Either it’s what your kids are bad at or what they love. For example, they have difficulty understanding grammatical structure. Then, the tuition would focus on how to improve your kids' grammar.

Not only about what to learn, usually, tuition also personalized the learning method. If the kids understand grammar through dialogue, then the study session might turn into watching film time.

2. Only Learn What Needed

As we talk about in the previous point, getting your kids private English tuition is getting personalized tutoring. Thus, your kids don’t need to learn and redo the whole subject from start to finish. But they only need to learn what they need.

Thus, if they only need to advance their vocabularies, then the tutor will come up with the program to achieve that. If they need to improve their conversation skills, then it will be the main focus while tuition.

3. Improve English Skill in Daily Basis

Learning English every other day while getting private tuition will have a different effect. Especially if English is not your kids’ first language. Their brain will classify English as something that they have to learn in school, not something they have to communicate with.

When getting private tuition, they will use English more frequently. Thus, as you know, the best way to learn a language is by practising it. So, getting private tuition in English means that your kids will get more practice while using the language.

4. Time and Effort Saving

Getting private tuition is time and effort-saving. Because both tutors and kids can focus on one another. The tutor only needs to teach a few kids, or even just one. Meanwhile, your kids don't have to compete with the whole class for only asking one question.

Therefore, when the kids have problems with understanding the lesson, the tutor can quickly help them. This means kids don't have to sit with unsolved problems while waiting for the tutor's attention. Thus, it will lessen the probability that kids will lose interest while learning English.

5. Quick Intervention

While learning, there might be a gap between what the tutor explains and what the kids receive. This gap happens when kids fail to understand the lesson or couldn't get the concept of how it's like that. When this happens, tutors should intervene to prevent the gap from getting wider.

Hence, with how the private English tuition dynamic works, intervention can be delivered in a short while. Thus, the tutor can shorten the gap and make sure that the kids understand the lesson clearly.

6. Boost Self-Esteem

There's no other way to boost kids' self-esteem than to admit that they're capable enough in something. This also applies to learning English or any other subject.

When your kids' can understand their English, they can exceed their peers. Thus, it will bring them to be more confident with their English command, since they're good with it. Further, they will have no problem communicating with English, because they know their own capability and this a good form of baby care.

7. Good Environment

As good environment is encouraging in baby care since childbirth this does not stop when reaching adolescence both in learning and growing. Learning English with private tuition will create a good learning environment. Because there's only a few kids or even just only one per tutor. Thus, it can minimize the probability of an unconducive situation that usually occurs when learning in a big class.

This is because the more kids in a class, the more difficult for the tutor to manage. Not to mention, when all of the kids demand the tutor's attention, one tutor only can manage one kid or two at a time. This condition will make the kids that couldn't get the tutor's attention to feel dejected and make them lazy to follow up their studies.

8. Get Help with Homework from School

Another benefit that your kids will get when getting private English tuition is they can get help with homework. Because homework is important and can help kids to understand. But sometimes, they find it difficult and can't finish it.

With private tuition, the tutor will help them with their homework. Even the study session can start with the homework that kids get.

9. Get Far More than Curriculum

As you know, lessons in school are given based on curriculum, so does English. Therefore, there are only limited subjects that can be taught in school. Thus, giving them private tuition in English will help them study far beyond what is scheduled by the curriculum.

Furthermore, kids usually have a favorite part to study in each subject. For example, kindergarten kids love to learn about animals. By tuition, the tutor will teach them more than their name and how they sound. Hence, the study session can turn into watching an animal documentary!

10. Help to Achieve Goal

As we mentioned before, the kids who enrolled in private tuition are having bad grades. Because there are many precedents that good grades kids are willing and even asking to get tuition. This is due to their wish to achieve their goals of getting good grades and enrolling in their school choice.

Because some schools set a high standard for the kids’ capability in English. Therefore, they can only achieve the best results in English. Furthermore, knowing more than their peers does not hurt.

What to Consider When Getting Private Tuition to Learn English

If you wish to get private English tuition for your kids, there are things that you should consider. That way, the tuition program will be effective and you don’t have to waste money on something that wouldn’t give any benefit. Here are the things that you should consider:

  • Make sure that your kids are on the boat with the program. Because if you force unwilling kids to learn in a private environment, it will only stress them out.

  • Once your kids are okay and willing to get private tuition in English, look for the best time to do it. You have to be sure that the chosen time wouldn’t add to your kids’ burden.

  • For private tuition, the fewer kids in each session the better. Because the session wouldn’t do any good if it still had a big class environment.

Looking at the good benefits of private English tuition that parents should consider to give for their kids. Thus, they can have a strong command of the English language. Remember, that the language is not only for academic purposes and good grades but also for communication skills in society.

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