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From Director's Desk

Anand Singh Rajput is a Mechanical engineer who started his journey of spreading quality education at a reasonable cost from his college days. He was a young student who always desired to make a difference and this determination led him to start Anand Tutorials back in 2015. He believes that education is about academic excellence and cultural diversity and at the same time helping students with learning differences is the reason that we have a 10,000+ network of skilled and experienced available both for online and offline teaching and have over 5000+ satisfactory parents/students availing our services. And this number is only increasing with time.

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Our mission is to develop a safe space education
the system both, online and offline for children where our
wide network of faculty and parents collaborate
to develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and
personal growth.


We, at Anand Tutorials, strongly believe every child’s
learning capacity and journey are different. Hence, it is
our goal is to provide a platform that is flexible to the
preferences of the students and parents to
encourage children to develop to their full potential.

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