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We provide excellent and dedicated online tutors across India for various subjects and offline tutors for extra-curricular activities too.

  • 3. I Just Registered As A Home Tutor Or Online Tutor On Your Website. What Should I Do Next?
    Great! You've already taken the first step in growing your profession as a home tutor. Now finish your profile and it will be reviewed by our team. You can apply for jobs as soon as your profile is verified. However, to receive a demo session and begin teaching, you must first upgrade to a premium membership.
  • 5.How Do I Search And Apply For Tuition Jobs?
    You may browse for recent tutor opportunities on Anand Tutorials and apply for tutor positions that match your abilities, local area, level, and subjects.
  • 2. Is Tutor Registration Free?
    Yes, the online teacher registration is free of cost
  • 6.What Happens If I Don’t Get Success In The Demo Class?
    You may browse for recent tutor opportunities on Anand Tutorials and apply for tutor positions that match your abilities, local area, level, and subjects.
  • 4.Can I Change My Preferred Locations And Subjects I Want To Teach After Registration?
    Yes, you may switch between favorite places and subjects at any moment. It is critical to maintaining your profile up to date to get the appropriate information.
  • 1.How Can I Register Myself As A Home Tutor Or Online Tutor On Your Website?
    You can register for our services by going to our website. You can also begin applying for tutoring positions.
  • 7. I Am Not Getting SMS/Email Alerts. What Should I Do?
    This is possible if your cell phone number and email address are not confirmed with us. Contact Anand Tutorials
  • 5. How Are We Going To Get Tuition Fees From Students?
    We (Anand Tutorials) will take it from parents and provide you the fees at the completion of your monthly classes.
  • 4.Are You Going To Provide Content For Online Classes?
    yes, but it depends in rare cases basically on your pack, you are being offered by Anand Tutorials.
  • 2. Where are the Anand Tutorials available ?
    We serve in Pan India and are easily accessible from areas such as Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh and Nagpur in Maharashtra .
  • 7.Home Tuition Vs Coaching Center- How Are They Different?
    If the seed of education is sown correctly, it always bears the most intriguing fruit. Tuition courses have always been the number one solution to the problem of poor teaching in schools or any other setting where the child is supposed to study alongside his classmates. We have excelled a lot with the options accessible in the form of tuition as the times have progressed. Private tutoring has the advantage of having your instructor, which facilitates simple contact between you and your teacher. Private tutors still have an advantage over teaching students in a more acceptable and desired method in a world where coaching programs have gained significant prominence and are in the spotlight.
  • 1. How does Anand Tutorials work ?
    Anand Tutorials is a trusted academic and non-academic platform that connects students and teachers. Students make their selections after examining the profiles of verified tutors, and get a free demo and shortlist the tutor.
  • 8. What Are The Subjects And Boards Covered By The Anand Tutorials?
    Anand Tutorials provides you the best tutor for all boards which are followed by all schools in INDIA. We cover all the subjects given by these boards.
  • 3.Where Classes Will Be Provided?
    Classes will be held at students' homes, Tutor's home, Nearby coaching institutes,& Online. However, you can finalize the location of the classes with the tutor at your convenience in any of the above methods.
  • 6. What Happens If A Learner Cancels A Pre-Planned Session?
    Though both the learner and the instructor will be notified before each session, things do go awry! If a student fails to attend a session, he or she will not be charged. It was the duty of the tutor to confirm the availability of the class to students. If you are notified of a student's inability to attend a session at least 12 hours in advance, the learner will not be charged. You and the learner will reschedule the session after that accordingly.
  • 7. What If I Do Not Like The Trial/Demo Class?
    If you don't like the demo class, we will surely find another tutor for you until you are satisfied with the tutor.
  • 12. Can I Pay Tutors Directly?
    No, you cannot pay the tutor directly. If in case you pay tutor directly then Anand Tutorials will not be liable for any fraud or loss.
  • 3. What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Home Tutor?
    All of the teachers on our website establish their rates. The fee is determined by a variety of criteria, including the teachers' experience, qualifications, teaching quality, and teaching technique.
  • 10. What Is The Use Of An Online Platform And How Can I Use It?
    The use of online platforms is very important. Not every child have the best tutor around them so Anand Tutorials provides you the opportunity to learn online and enhance your knowledge
  • 2.How Do I Use This Website To Find A Home Tutor Or Online Tutor?
    Simply go to our website's Search Tutors area and enter your city, location, subject, and class that you or your kid would want to be tutored in. Our database will quickly provide you with a selection of qualified home tutors and online tutors that best meet your tuition needs. You may examine the tutor's qualifications, teaching experience, and other information by visiting the tutor's profile. If you don't want to go through so many profiles, we can identify a competent tutor who meets your needs. Simply ask your question below, and one of our staff members will call you shortly to discuss your needs.
  • 5. Do You Verify Your Home Tutors Listed On Your Website?
    Anand Tutorials is dedicated to providing you with the best home/online tutor available. Our teachers go through a strict process to ensure this. Only one out of every eight tutors who apply is accepted onto our platform, and you may pick the tutor who is the greatest fit for your child. We evaluate tutors only on their own merits. Only Full-Time Tutors are employed, and all of our tutors are subjected to reference checks (qualification and experience) so you may pick them with confidence. Parents should, however, take the tutor's ID and address evidence before employing them to protect their safety.
  • 8. What If The Tutor Discontinued The Tuition Classes In Between?
    If you wish to change tutors after the tuition classes begin, we will either locate a new teacher for you who fits your tuition requirements, or we will refund the balance of the first-month tuition price paid by you after deducting the money for tuition classes already attended.
  • 1. I Am A Parent Looking For A Home Tutor Or Online Tutor For My Child. How Can I Contact You?
    It is very simple to contact us! Simply ask your question on our website, and one of our staff members will contact you within hours about your tuition needs. Alternatively, you may contact us by phone or WhatsApp to discuss your tuition needs. We generally find a teacher within 30 minutes.
  • 6. Do I Need To Pay The Tuition Fee In Advance?
    We charge the first month's tuition in advance as a security hold, and the tutor is paid once the monthly lessons are completed. We will send a receipt to you for the price paid by you. This results in a commitment from both parties. We do not promote or encourage direct payments to tutors since they may result in fraud, and we accept no responsibility for such payments. (This is only for the first month's charge.)
  • 9. Can I Have An ID Proof Of Home Tutor For Verification Purposes?
    To build a high level of trust, we always recommends that parents and children ask the teacher for a valid ID and address verification before employing them.
  • 11.Is There Any Extra Cost For Online Platform Features?
    This depends on the package you have chosen
  • 13. Can I Get A Refund If I Am Not Satisfied With a Tutor?
    we provide prior demo classes just to ensure that the tutor is capable of teaching you or not. But still, if you are not satisfied with the tutor you can change your tutor on an urgent basis by contacting us.
  • 4.Will I Get A Demo/Trial Class Before I Hire A Tutor?
    Yes, after we've found the perfect home tutor or online tutor for you or your child based on your needs, we'll set up a free demo/trial session with the tutor at your preferred location. If you enjoy the trial/demo session and wish to continue with the same teacher, we will charge the first month's tuition in advance as a security hold for 30 days. If you do not enjoy the demo/trial session, we will find you a new teacher.
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