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5 Signs Your Child Needs an Online Tutor

Does your child need academic support from a tutor? Just as importantly, is online tutoring the best solution for your kid's educational and personal needs?

More often than not, your child will not outright tell you they need a little extra help with their studies. If you see these five signs, you may find that an online tutor can help your child overcome challenges in the classroom, improve a poor attitude toward school, or even alleviate academic dishonesty.

Are you noticing these signs in your child?

1. Your child has started making excuses to avoid school

For some children, school ceases to be a safe place when there are academic gaps.

For example, your child might roll out of bed claiming to be ill when you know that your child is perfectly fine. You might hear, "I hate school!" or "Do I have to go?"

School avoidance can stem from several challenges. Sometimes, it occurs because of separation anxiety or bullying at school. Other times, it may happen because your child isn't making friends or feels disconnected from classmates.

Genuine physical ailments or problems could also make it seem as though your child is avoiding school. For many students, however, school avoidance occurs because of academic challenges and struggles.

Keep in mind that your child may start showing signs of school avoidance before you notice lower grades on their report card or poor test scores. Sometimes, your child may be struggling due to a lack of confidence, a missing foundational skill, or a struggle with a particular subject that you haven't noticed yet, especially if your child has a teacher who grades based on completion.

If you notice your child making excuses to avoid school, try to find out why. Ask your child why they don’t want to go to school or what makes them unhappy. From there, you can decide if a tutor is the solution.

2. Your child has fallen behind in class

On average, students fell months behind due to virtual learning through the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Some students, including those with learning disabilities, may have fallen behind even more.

Many teachers struggled to make that vital transition and failed to provide the enriching learning environment students needed to expand their knowledge. As a result, many teachers are struggling to make up for those gaps as students return to a more traditional learning environment.

Children may also fall behind for other reasons. Some children may fall behind because they missed a fundamental concept at some point. Others may have a hard time because they don’t learn well with the learning style used by their teachers or the majority of their peers.

The further your child falls behind, the more difficult it can prove for them to catch up again. Working with an online tutor can help rebuild those vital skills and put your child in a better position to improve their academic standing.

3. Your child is struggling with academic dishonesty

Have you noticed your child cheating on their homework—or even on tests—instead of doing their own best work? Have they lied about the homework they should have brought home each night?

If your child shows signs of academic dishonesty, it could be something more than laziness causing the problem. Often, children cheat because they do not feel confident in their understanding of the material.

If your child struggles to comprehend new concepts or manage a higher standard of work required as they move into a new grade, a tutor can help them catch up. Not only can a tutor ensure your child fully understands all the concepts presented in the classroom, but they can also work through each lesson with your kid, including going over homework to make sure they know how to complete it effectively.

4. Your child struggles with poor time management

Time management is a considerable challenge for many students. Students (and, for that matter, adults) with ADHD may struggle even more with time management.

If your child has a hard time managing time effectively—which may leave you constantly fighting over when it's homework time or discovering at the last minute that, yet again, they have failed to complete a project or assignment—an online tutor can help.

As your child works closely with an online tutor, they can help keep your child on track—and, in many cases, teach some of the vital time management skills your child might be missing.

5. Homework is a constant battle

For some children, homework is a constant battle. Your child may throw fits, complain, and even cry the moment you suggest that it's time to get out his homework.

Are you struggling with meltdowns around getting homework done—meltdowns that don't seem to be getting better as the year goes by, despite consistency and even consequences?

Does your child insist that homework is too difficult or that they don’t know how to do it?

Sometimes, that homework battle could occur due to other frustrations, including ADHD: a child who has spent all day focusing on schoolwork may just want some time to engage in other activities once they get home. Other times, it's the result of a struggle to comprehend and complete the work.

A tutor can not only help scaffold any missing information, but they can offer a distinct "homework time" when your child knows they need to focus on their work. As a result, you may be able to do away with some of the homework battles in your home.

Online tutoring offers opportunities for kids to improve their academic understanding from the comfort of your own home—or from wherever you need to be, whether it's a sibling's sports practice or an after-hours road trip.

If you suspect your child is struggling in school, whether you've noticed slipping grades or seen signs of attitude problems and struggles, an online tutor could be the solution for you. Get started with Anand Tutorials today.

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