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Leadership is the ability to build up confidence and zeal among people and to create an urge in them to be led. To be a successful leader one must possess foresight, drive, initiative, self-confidence and personal integrity Different situations demand different types of leaderships.

In the words of the great English Soldier Field Marshal Montgomery "The capacity and will of an individual to rally men and women to a common purpose is leadership. In other words, leadership is the act of influencing other people to cooperate towards some common goals which they come to find desirable. This act is performed by a very few in a society.

Leadership is a dynamic process that caters to the needs of the members of the group. Further, it emerges in the interaction of individuals with one another.Without right leadership, no home, community organization, discipline institution,profession and finally nation can move on the path of progress. It means that the welfare as well as progress of society or a profession depends upon qualitative leadership. Therefore, the leader is said to "give the lead” if he makes acceptable suggestions, shows the right path, acts as a model for others, give commands, which are respected and carried out. In all the cases what a leader does affect more than himself or herself. Without the cooperation of his followers, no leader can retain the position and prestige for a long duration. He may rule as a dictator for some time but his future certainly will be in dark. Therefore, he should not adopt dictatorial attitude