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How to teach students to be more creative

What is creativity?

Creativity means to create some traditional ideas, thinking, customs, works, relationships, duties etc. into valuable and meaningful new ideas, methods, patterns, imaginations, etc. which is needed in modern industry.

How to teach students?

Students are way more creative than anyone. Teachers have to listen them carefully what they wanted to say and appreciate them accordingly because so many students doesn’t know their worth. It is a duty of a teacher to made them realize that they are creative and unique.Children should be allowed to do what they are interested in, only then their creativity is reflected.Curiosity can feed creativity. Experiment with monitoring students less as they work, and provide opportunities for them to pursue their passion when you can. Study suggests that teachers try to limit competitions and comparison with others, focusing instead on self-improvement. Teachers should get children to do research so that they learn new things. The more new things children learn, the more their creativity will increase. Along with studies, they should also be given projects and assignments which have problem solving questions so that their problem solving abilities will increase. Along with problem solving activities students also be given real-world challenges so that their critical thinking skills increases.Some students are creative but they do not give their ideas, suggestions or opinions out of fear or shame.For this type of students, we should create some such groups or clubs in which they can share their ideas and views.

Teachers inspire students to be more creative. They should embrace their students and their ideas as well. Here are the following tips through which teacher inspire students to be more creative.

1. Model of Creativity: If teachers want their students to be more creative then show them how it is done. Be a model of creativity in front of them and they will surely follow you.

2. Encourage students viewpoint:If there is always definite right or wrong in your classroom then there won’t be much creativity. So encourage multiple viewpoints and ideas of students even if they don’t match your own creativity.

3. Learn from different diversity: All the students came from different cultural, ethical background. Take advantage of them. Know their diversity, ideas, cultural beliefs. It helps children to be more creative

4. Help students to see their own ability:Every students has different gifts and talents. Help them to be more creative by engaging them in their field.

5. Work together as a class: Working together with students is the best way to come up with a creative solution to a problem.

6. Ask students for the answer: Don’t give students direct answer , ask them to come up with them on their own.

7. Ask open question: Ask students random question made them more creative. Just make sure teachers don’t bound them with their expectations.

How teachers help students to bring out their creativity:

Creativity is the most valuable skill of students which not only helps them in choosing a better career but also helps in developing great personality and standing out of the crowd.

Teachers play a very important role in upbringing students' creativity by performing different activities in classroom which encourages and motivates them to open up and enhance their own self.

Let's consider an example of an introvert and shy student who finds himself/herself afraid in showcasing their creativity in front of others. Here teacher plays a vital role in planning and executing different and playful activities such as painting , dancing , small games and many more which encourages these new buds in growing and blossoming according to what they want to be in life.

No matter what students are doing , be it right or wrong , encourage them to do things what they like so that they can gain experience and learn from those experiences to make a better future.


1. Opening supportive club for students and try to understand them and their views.

2. By giving projects or assignment to students,teachers can make students’ mind creative.

3. Giving students real-word challenges.

4. Reading and listening stories made students mind creative.

5. Research

6. Teachers explore new ideas together along with students.

7. Support their dreams

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