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Importance of learning programming in young age.

You must have heard about New Education Policy 2020 in which government has added programming as a subject from Class 6th onwards. Programming is one of the most important skill in today’s world. Today, everything has become digitalized and automated and the backbone of it is programming. Programming or coding helps in solving complicated real life problems in simpler way. Or in other words we can say that programming makes complicated real world problems simpler. Students should learn programming at young age because that helps in inculcating creativity, problem solving, logic building, writing skills, sharpens the mind and increase the probability for stable career.

Why only at Young Age?

Scientifically, young minds are more creative and flexible and can solve complex problems in lesser time. Young minds also have the ability to grasp even challenging stuffs in easier way but because they are children, hence there should be great teachers who can help in learning programming easily.

Not only this but coding helps in increasing thinking ability, problem solving skills, develops resilience and many more. L