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Importance of learning programming in young age.

You must have heard about New Education Policy 2020 in which government has added programming as a subject from Class 6th onwards. Programming is one of the most important skill in today’s world. Today, everything has become digitalized and automated and the backbone of it is programming. Programming or coding helps in solving complicated real life problems in simpler way. Or in other words we can say that programming makes complicated real world problems simpler. Students should learn programming at young age because that helps in inculcating creativity, problem solving, logic building, writing skills, sharpens the mind and increase the probability for stable career.

Why only at Young Age?

Scientifically, young minds are more creative and flexible and can solve complex problems in lesser time. Young minds also have the ability to grasp even challenging stuffs in easier way but because they are children, hence there should be great teachers who can help in learning programming easily.

Not only this but coding helps in increasing thinking ability, problem solving skills, develops resilience and many more. Let’s discuss about it more in detail.

1. Thinking ability

Programming helps in shooting-up

analytical thinking - use logic and critical thinking to analyze a situation,

logical thinking - skill that involves using reasoning in a way that allows an individual to come to a viable solution, and

critical thinking - making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out.

These type of thinking helps students solve complex problems. Even if the student don’t want to be a coder, still, learning programming will help him/her in inculcating this skill in them which in future will help them in solving real world problems.

2. Problem solving

Problem solving places the focus on the student making sense of mathematical ideas and encourages students to believe in their ability to think mathematically. It also provides ongoing assessment information that can help teachers make instructional decisions. Problem solving is a step-by-step process in which students learn how to solve any problem in more organized and structured way.

3. Foster creativity

Learning coding will not help if you will not implement it and for implementing , students’ need to create projects such as games , applications , websites and many more other software with some unique features. Here, creativity plays its role and helps students make great projects. Creating project is the most fun and interesting part.

4. Develop resilience, perseverance and patience

These three characteristics are not easy to teach specially to young students but these three traits are very important in life. While you code, there are many ups and downs. It’s a lot challenging but one should learn not to give up and keep on doing again and again until one attains success in it.

5. Increase communication skills

Through programming, one learns a new computer language. Though being a computer language, still student grasps experience of learning other language and breaking into simpler parts making it easy to understand. Hence, it also makes a little easier to understand and learn other languages or dialects in real life and ultimately helps in increasing communication skills.

6. Stable Future

Because today’s world has become high-techy so the whole world need more programmers or coders to solve daily arising problems. Hence, beside all the soft skills mentioned above, learning programming helps in bringing stability in future by increasing more chances of getting hired by some multinational companies at higher packages or creating your own start-up.

In conclusion, I would like to say that programming is the great way to make young minds sharper and focused which will also help them in learning some important life lessons. But apart from all the advantages of programming, if he/she doesn’t feels programming interesting, they shouldn’t be forced to learn. Every child is unique in its own way and there are many other ways to gain above benefits.


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