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Mobile phones – Angel or Devil

Mobile phones are the most used gadget in the entire world. And after pandemic, it has rapidly become the huge part of students’ lives. Nowadays, all students above age twelve is having their personal mobile phones and students under age twelve have their parent’s mobile phones which they use for their studies. So, we can interpret that on an average students have mobile phones with them majorly. And let me clarify that by saying mobile phones I literally mean smart phones and not the keypads. I understand that these smart phones have become the essential of everyone’s life but is it worth giving that much time to them when you have greater things to do.

Uses of Mobile Phones

We use mobile phones in multiple ways. Let’s list some of them

1. For communication: It includes talking to friends, family and relatives on calls or through text messages often termed as chatting on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

2. For search engine: Mobile phones are also used for internet surfing and searching study material or any informative things that also excite you.

3. For watching movies/series: Using Netflix, amazon prime or any other movies/web series app for entertainment.

4. For playing games: There are variety of games that everyone plays such as candy crush, pubg, cod and many other.

5. For watching YouTube Videos: YouTube is used for various purposes like watching entertainment and informative videos and also sometimes playing songs and music.

6. For listening music/songs: Apps such as gaana, spotify, sawan and many more are used to listen to songs and music according to one’s choice.

7. For clicking photographs: By clicking photographs, one can recall the day and can relive that day in their mind.

8. For organizing oneself: Using calendar, ToDo and various other apps to organize daily plans and schedules.

9. For social media: Using social media to make connections professionally or personally using different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

These are the major uses of mobile phones that any student will do. In the above mentioned uses , mobile phones are like angel only when you are keeping things limited and time bounded.

If you failed to do so then mobile phones become devil. Let’s see how by seeing the negative part of all the above mentioned uses.

1. Talking for long hours either on calls or chatting and gossiping on unnecessary stuffs. This not only kills your time but also hinder your productivity.

2. Search engine leads to unnecessary stuffs and sometimes students come across adult videos and websites which in turn leads to wrong way of getting knowledge on sex education. So, if anyone come across such videos, do talk to your elders, be it your parents or cousins or mentor. I know it is very uncomfortable but it is very important to know the right and correct way of knowing things.

3. Giving excessive time in entertaining oneself by watching movies or web series for long hours and completing entire season in one go. Not only this but also watching videos on YouTube.

4. Using social media platform and indulging in cyber crimes either as a victim or guilty.

5. Playing games for long hours and applying those actions in real life such as theft or robbery or sometimes violence.

6. Clicking photographs not for memories but for making streaks on snapchat. And clicking photos and videos just to fill storage in mobile phone but no memory of that particular happening in mind emotionally.

The devil side of mobile phones is very dangerous which leads to mobile addiction, kills mental stability, wastes time and above all kills one’s productivity and creativity. Nowadays, to make any project, students tend to search on internet and just jot down on their project file. Getting ideas from internet and just copy pasting on project will not help you in boosting your creativity.

It is very important for students to know what to do exactly with this angel cum devil gadget. Mobile phones are very helpful and much needed in today’s world. But using them only for one’s benefit is only recommended and not wasting complete hours in it. Prioritizing daily tasks very termed to be beneficial in reducing usage of mobile phones in daily life. Just little more dedication and determination is required to find alternate ways of loosing ties with smart phones.

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