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Personality Development

Positive personality factors are extremely important in day-to-day life. Often the wrong kind of personality proves disastrous and causes undesirable situations or in the least tensions and worries in organizations. Some people arouse hostility and aggression in their associates while other invoke sympathy and supportive responses because of their personality features. Some people tolerate severely stressful situations, while tensions and similar circumstances swamp others.

A person of a good character excels over others in certain qualities. A good character comprises virtues of having certain qualities of character more pronounced than others. The qualities of a good character bring magnetism in one's personality which comes from a proper adjustment of the many qualities of head and heart such as knowledge, tact, friendship and co-operation. A person of character would have some characteristics inborn as well as developed by experience and judgement such as integrity, moral courage, confidence, justice and highly developed sense of responsibility.

How to develop the Personality?

Some people at work and in our daily life always appear to be self-confident and on top of the world. Everything seems to go right for thes