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'Students Commit Suicide'

Committing suicide is one of the most serious issues among students, especially among higher senior secondary, college and dropout students. We live in a world where every individual is constantly under heavy competition and nobody wants to fail in competitions be it academics, sports, extra-curricular or career. But, instead of fighting, students are cowardly committing suicide because that is the easiest way to stay away from competition. Students never realize the after-life not of theirs but of their loved ones be it parents or siblings.

Factors due to which students commit suicide

1. Fear Of Study:

Students lack perseverance. They tend to give up before indulging in studies. There have been cases where just because of the thought to study, and overthinking leading them to think pessimistically ends up building lot of pressure and hence they commit suicide.

2. Fear of not getting good result:

Before exams and especially boards or any other competitive exams builds lot of pressure in students’ mind which not only creates the fear of exam but also that what if they didn’t get good marks. Such type of overthinking again leads students to give up before their exams by committing suicide.

3. Not withstanding with their own expectations:

When I was a student, I used to make ideal daily routine time-tables because I expected that I will be able to follow my routine strictly. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen because nobody can follow daily time-table strictly. And moreover, I was expecting more from myself. It is very important for students to firstly understand themselves, about weaknesses and strengths. And let me tell you, it takes months and sometimes years to know oneself. Don’t be much hash on oneself.

4. Getting bullied by school/college mates:

There have been many cases of students getting bullied by their classmates, etc. and ending up committing suicide without telling and sharing it with anyone. One should speak-up when being the victim of bully and should either tell to teacher or parents or friend or mentor.

5. Poor education system:

Because of the limited seats in renowned colleges and institutes and also because of poor reservation system, students get under high pressure of clearing cut-offs and when they are unable to clear cut-offs even after hours of study they get depressed and ends-up committing suicide.

6. Becoming victim of heart-break:

In school or college life, many students are indulging in so called love relationships and getting attached with all new person. First of all, students have misunderstood the definition of love and have made a trend of getting into relationships during the most crucial time of their life. When it is time to focus on oneself, students are focusing on another person which will turn out to be temporary in few months. Under such acts, students tend to get depressed when their so-called love bonds don’t last long.

7. Victim of harassment:

There have been cases where school girls and boys are becoming part of emotional or sexual harassment. It Is very important for such students to know that keeping quiet won’t bring any solution but will motivate the culprit to do more heinous crimes. So, students should speak up with their parents, teachers or mentor who can get you out from the situation.

8. Secretive person:

There are certain students who don’t share their thoughts, emotions and feelings with anyone. They keep their as much private as they can keep. Maybe because they think that nobody will be able to understand their thoughts and problems and will make fun of it. Then suicide become common for these students because their mind cannot tolerate enough problems. It is very important to share emotions and thoughts with someone or with their personal diary so that they can flush out things from their mind.

There are many more factors that lead students to commit suicide such as family problems, childhood problems, financial problems or any other.

Mentors should understand

It is very essential for mentors be it teachers and parents to understand their students/children more giving extra efforts and spending time with them. You should figure out ways to handle your children delicately and effectively so that they can get the atmosphere to share things with you. Before anything else, become their friend which will make them comfortable and happy when they’ll be around you. Never put much pressure on your children/students because every individual is unique and different in their own way and have their own caliber and capabilities. Don’t expect much from them beyond their abilities.

For Students

You should understand that suicide is not the correct solution and every problem that comes in your life makes you stronger to fight in future. Suicide not only devastates you but many other lives which are close to you. One should share their problems with their friends, siblings, parents, teacher or mentor who can guide you. Increase your mental strength, perseverance and don’t be much harsh on yourself.


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