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Top 5 Qualities of a Good Tutor

A tutor not just helps the student to study his syllabus but also offers moral support. He works towards building confidence in a student and helps him to achieve his life goals. But not every tutor displays the virtues required to be a good teacher. There are some teachers who aim to make money out of their teaching job unconcerned whether the students are benefiting from their coaching or not. If you do not want a tutor who cares less about students, you must read about the virtues of a good tutor.

Here are the qualities of a good tutor:

A good tutor helps in instilling confidence in his students. He is aware of the fact that in certain situations or upon seeing one failure, the confidence of any student begins to leave its roots. He keeps his students’ confidence firm and helps them to understand that success and failures are a part of life. He helps his students to inculcate confidence and prepare for the tough challenges ahead.

Every student is different and every need is different. A good tutor adapts himself to the tailored needs of his students. He is not stern or sick to the old rules of pedagogy. He creates his own way of teaching according to the students that help them derive the maximum benefit. He understands the goals and aspirations of his students and adopts an approach that helps them to achieve their goals.

  • A good tutor is always available

A good tutor is someone who is always in the easy reach of his students. He is always accessible and helps the students whenever they need him. Whether the students want help with the syllabus or need guidance in defining a career path, whether the students want to seek emotional support or look for someone to help them cope in the immense competitive world; a good tutor always stays at the reach of the students.

  • A good tutor is always full of energy

Teaching is a serious job but when some fun and enthusiasm is injected in the approach, the process becomes more productive. Positive energy benefits both the ends of the spectrum. A tutor full of energy, confidence, and positive attitude always succeed in bringing the best out of the students. Tutor’s positive energy impacts the students in amazing ways. A teacher who motivates their students with a positive approach is indeed the best tutor.

  • A good teacher is open to his students

The ideal relationship between a tutor and a student is one in which the student can discuss all his problems with the teacher without any hesitation. Apart from the syllabus, a student should be able to discuss his fears and insecurities with his tutor. A good tutor is a good listener and helps his students to face their fears and insecurities with confidence. These are the qualities of a good tutor. I hope you like this article and if you do, then show some love by spreading it to your friends and colleagues.

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