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Diet Tips For Navratri Fast

1.For all those who fast all 9 days it is Important to eat small meals at Regular Intervals.This will keep your Metabolism in top Shape.

2.Drink a lot of water.

3.Avoid Fried Foods and include more of Yogurt,Smoothies and fruits.

4.Instead of Puri and Pakoras made from kuttu atta.Replace fried aloo chat with Boiled aloo chaat.

5.Make some Idli and Dosa from the Samak ke Chawal.

6.Use Skimmed Milk.

7.Keep drinking Water,Coconut Water or Lemonade.

8.Lower you craving by including milk,Lassi and Curd in your diet.

9.Instead of having namkeen as snacks have a handful of nuts.

10.Vegetable juices made out of Bottle guard,Apple,Ginger,

Tomato provide mega shots of Antioxidants.

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