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Mental health tips for Teachers

In today's time, the responsibility of teachers is not only to teach children, but to develop them emotionally, mentally and healthy.Every person in society has completely forgotten to promote teachers. We do not even understand their mental and emotional well being.

Given their extended duties, growing numbers of teachers are struggling to cope up with the changing demands of their occupation. According to a recent survey of over 30,000 teachers, conducted by the American Federation of Teachers, more than 75 percent of the teachers say that they do not have enough staff to get the work done, and 78 percent of the teachers say they are often physically and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day.

The reason most often mention for leaving their teaching feeling overworked and exhausted. It was because of the adoption of new initiatives without proper training or professional development. For example- In time of corona, all the teachers have to work from home whether they know about technology or not. Not only teaching, but they have to do all kinds of their work online. That’s why their work load increases and they became exhausted. For completing their work on time for next class or lecture, they have to work overtime.Sometimes they have to work overnight.

With regard to the workforce, not only did teacher education enrollment fall by 240,000 (a 35 percent decrease) between 2009 and 2014 but roughly eight percent of teachers, including many who are well below the average retirement age, leave the workforce each year because of heavy workload and exhaustion.