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Extra-curricular activities apart from academics.

You may have heard that extra-curricular activities are also important other than academic or competitive studies. But the question is do anyone has time for extra-curricular activities? or is it really that important to take out time for it? The answer for both questions is yes! Let’s check it out in detail.

Let’s first understand that what actually is meant by extra-curricular activities.

What are extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities can be any kind of activities which allows you to reflect your areas of interests and your hobbies. The literal meaning of extra-curricular activities is the work or task that you do outside the class or other than academic curriculum. Almost anything that you are actively and productively involved in can be considered an extracurricular activity.

Types of Extra-Curricular Activities:-

Extra-curricular activities can be categorized as follows:

1. SPORTS – It includes playing on a school/college sport team, an internal or intergroup team, or a club team outside of your school/college.

2. ARTS – It includes visual arts, performing arts, comedy, culinary arts, dance , singing, playing instruments and many more. This list is limitless.

3. CRAFTING – It includes DIYs, creative décor, paper crafting , clothes crafting, embroidery, etc.

4. COMMUNITY SERVICE –It includes any sort of volunteer work, either in your community, on a national scale, or abroad. For Example, NCC, NSS ,Robin Hood Army , etc.

5. EMPLOYMENT – This includes some sort of jobs or internship from which you may also make money.

6. MISCELLANEOUS – It includes blogging, a film club, hiking, Rubik's Cube competitions, Cosplay, and more.

7. ACADEMIC COMPETITIONS – Such as Olympiads, writing, story, essay, debate, elocution and similar other competitions.

These are just the examples to clear what actually is extra-curricular activity. It completely depends on you what you want to do so that it helps to clear your mind after studying for continuous hours, which also helps you to make your spare time productive.

What is the daily life of a student? Going to school for 7 hours, attending all 8 classes, coming back to home, going for 2 hours of tuition classes, end of the day.

After these tiring hours, every student need something to relax so they just watch TV or play games or scroll Instagram for consecutive hours. It is important for you to realize that this time isn’t productive for you.

Just taking out 1-2 hours for any extra-curricular activity of your choice will greatly help you in boosting your creativity and activeness. Not only this but you’ll be using your time more efficiently and wisely. You’ll be more productive and will feel confident. These extra-curricular activities also open doors for new achievements to add to your list.


I would like to share someone’s personal experience on how extra-curricular activities are helpful. When she was in 11th and 12th standard, she cut out herself from other friends and use to study for hours to crack IIT-JEE. But this thing doesn’t work well for her. She neither even cleared IIT-JEE mains nor her 12th board results were meeting her expectations. So, when she joined college, she was determined that she won’t be just sticking to studies but will be doing some extra-curricular activities hence she joined NCC (National Cadet Corps). She thinks joining NCC was her best decision. Today, she is excelling in her academics by being the branch topper for 2 consecutive years and in NCC as well where she had met PM of India, Defense Minister, Sports Minister and had also got felicitated by CM of Madhya Pradesh.

Still, she started late but you still have time. Start Now. I know it is hard to take the first step but remember that we should never give up and it is always the matter of first step. This was just one example but there are many examples which clearly justifies that how much these extra-curricular activities are important and what essential and vital role they play in everyone’s life.

In conclusion I would like to say that academic studies helps you in fostering your knowledge but they don’t help you in enhancing your personality and creativity. Studying was hours and not doing any other activity makes you dumb and dull. To maintain your activeness and increase your achievements, it is very important to start now.


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